As in fashion, trends pass away, but style and authenticity remain.
Many years ago, during my endless search for the perfect sound, I stumbled upon a flea market north of Paris on a record by Editions Montparnasse 2000, a famous French Library music label, the vinyl was Pop Impressions and the composer was Janko Nilovic 1972.

The sound was a Pop Jazz, ethereal, touches of baroque flavor and voices that seemed to come from outer space, I was so impressed that I immediately started looking for other albums by this unknown composer …
the Internet was not yet what it is now and a lot of information was not circulating and after a while I realized that all composers of library music had always had an aura of mystery …

He was perhaps one of the most mysterious, even the most prolific: arranger, composer, organist and beyond …
His sound, however, was unmistakable and it was often difficult to understand if the compositions were his or not, in fact in the 1960s and 1970s Nilovic recorded for different labels and under various pseudonyms: Andy Loore, Emiliano Orti, Alan Blackwell or Johnny Montevideo,

the labels were Montparnasse 2000, Telemusic, Editions Neuilly or Sforzando among others.
Dozens and dozens of albums composed for cinema, television, commercials, many of which have become cult objects even for Hip Hop producers and bands who have expertly sampled the originals to create timeless sounds.
After so many years of silence that seemed to feed the mystery about this prolific composer of Montenegrin origin born in Istanbul and artistically matured in France, today we celebrate the return of the Maestro who, accompanied by the cool band The Soul Surfers, gives us another gem to add to the our music library.

Recorded in the legendary Chatelain Bisson Estardy studio where the sounds of the golden age were recorded, Nilovic and Soul Surfers give us 8 pieces that challenge the laws of space-time taking us back to the Baroque, Soul, Funk, orchestral sounds typical of Nilovic, but with an incredible attention to the rhythms and breaks of the band.

The all-electric album begins with a “Prelude” that immediately catapults us into its world, its sounds, its rhythms.
The bass ( which were always very important in Nilovic compositions) the Hammond organ and the crescendo make this recording worthy of a sequence of movie images…

“Maze of Sounds” transports us to a solemn almost religious atmosphere typical of his most famous compositions.
“Sweet Path” where the Slavic choirs once again project us on the most classic Nivolian sounds and so “Say it Sofly”, “Interlude” or the intro of “Wavy” ready to be sampled and the other songs wisely placed as an interweaving between East and West, Byzantine and Romanesque influences, tradition and modernity up to the rhythm of “Tha Boogee”.
The construction of the pieces stands out.
knowing the public attention to the Breaks of the original recordings, even in this new album will make producers happy an example is “Never ends” In a unique style of its kind.
This album makes us understand the greatness of this composer and the fact that time has never changed his spirit and his compositional ability on the contrary …
Yes the world has changed, we are facing some great challenges, this is a soundtrack perfectly in line with the times, a soundtrack that will lead us to something new …
Thank you Maestro for your culture and for the your style.

If you like to listen to this masterpiece or find 60 s and 70 s Nilovic works click this link