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Alessio Berto , Son of art, thanks to the creativity and freedom handed down to him by his mother he always had the ability to express himself and research inside the world of fashion, inspiration and ideas liberating the desire for knowledge. In 1987 he started his career driven by his passion for fashion dresses following the style of his favourite designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hammnett and Maison Chanel.
His first experiences were in small companies, where he first did “size grading” and then started to do patterns and learned the basis by looking at the tailors and the people who had more experience.
Especially in the beginning, having played all functions within companies, from the warehouse and the cutting room, up the relationship with customers, he had broader vision of his work, as he knew the aspects regulating the activities related to modeling.
This is what threw him toward a broader vision of modeling: the desire to understand what happened before and after him; and it is this very interest that will enable him, when he was 19, to follow for 2 seasons a small production for a popular store in Venice.
The desire to keep on challenging himself every time he reached a goal characterizes him and led him to always renew his method, experimenting with children wear, women wear and men wear, where he is specialized nowadays.
This allows him not to focus on a single product but to be open-minded, allowing him to face various types of clothing, from technical to denim, sportswear and informal and from trousers up to shirts and outerwear.

Thanks to his passion for authentic details , in The Tailor Pattern support ” mission control office “there is also a small archive of vintage pieces created over the years, in order to give the construction of his models an authentic identity and not only a line which is an end in itself.