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Alessio Berto  started his career in 1987 driven by passion for fashion following the style of his favourite designers: Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hamnett and Maison Chanel, with whom he then worked during his career crowning his dream.

He curated the patterns of brands such as Boy London, Replay, Diesel Denim Gallery, Timothy Everest, DKNY Jeans, Sport Chanel , Katharine Hamnett Jeans , Jean Paul Gaultier Jeans , Belfe, Andrew Mackenzie, Montedoro Solwear specializg in Menswear from denim to woven to technical garments .

In 2012 he started his own Studio called The Tailor Pattern Support where he collaborates with many companies to give them an excellent pattern service and a reliable support.

Alessio Berto is collaborating since some years with italian design institutes such as IED, NABA,UED and fairs such as DENIM PREMIERE VISION and PREMIERE VISION for special projects on pattern making.

Since 2017 he collaborates with ISKO as mentor for students and judge of the I-SKOOL worldwide challenge.

Thanks to his passion for authentic details , at The Tailor Pattern Support Studio is available also an archive of vintage pieces created over the years, in order to give the construction of his patterns an authentic identity and not only a line which is an end in itself.

Since 2019 is collaborating  with patterns, washes supervising , construction and production follow up on the brand Peppino Peppino Denim.

Alessio Berto has been included in the book “Dandy lo stile Italiano” by Giulia Pivetta, published by 24 ORE CULTURA among ten Italian professionals and some companies recognized for their style and their professionalism