Casa Cor is a very important event hosted in Brazil, but followed also in the rest of the world, presenting furnitures and home design.

Casa Cor 2012




My Brazilian friends Bea and Caio Morbin ( see video linked at minute 5,58 ) made a special exhibition stand for an Award; the theme of the expo were

” MODA ,¬†ESTILO , TECNOLOGIA ” so for a super-stylish kitchen they asked me to do some little things to improve the “MODA” part of the whole thing .

Alessio Berto for Casa Cor 2012

Bea and Caio Morbin Andreazza for Casa Cor 2012












So the Tailor set a special collection with his brother Cristiano .

the Craftsman

The Tailor Pattern Support










We invented a collection (that we never actually produced) based on early century period , in line with the kitchen they were thinking about …


The product study

Modelling a jacket sleeve

The Tailor is Him

Some quick sketches

the result is a mix of early century fashion , technology and design .

More Morbin exposition

Morbin exposition

A piece of collection










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